Our Mission:

With rapidly advancing technology, our mission is to provide suitable education to enable people aged 50 + to become computer literate, in a friendly and enjoyable way,   Experience shows this will enhance their lives by facilitating communication with friends and family, enabling them to share their knowledge and wisdom.
Throughout the developed world SeniorNet has established Learning Centres where classes are offered on a wide variety of computer topics.  Voluntary peer teachers are in the same age group, allowing members to learn the necessary computer skills at their own pace.
Tell your friends about us, as word of mouth is always a reliable way of spreading the word.

 SeniorNet Pakuranga Inc:

SeniorNet Pakuranga covers the areas of Howick, Pakuranga and Botany.  However members are welcome from wherever they live. SeniorNet is managed by an independent committee, who organise the premises, equipment, classes and funding.
We are an affiliate Learning Centre of the Federation of New Zealand SeniorNet Societies Inc.

Learning Centre:

The learning centre is within the Cascades Storage facility at 12 Ben Lomond Crescent, Pakuranga. It is equipped with a number of computers, desk space for tablets, laptop computers, and UFB (ultra fast band) internet.  Air conditioning has also been installed for members comfort.


Members receive a monthly newsletter keeping them up to date with General Meeting Speakers and topics, course and workshop schedules, Help Sessions, times and dates, notices etc. The newsletter is delivered by email and is in a pdf format.  You will need to have a pdf reader installed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.


Some of our members voluntarily and willingly give help and advice to other members on matters relating to computers, smartphones, tablets and Internet connections.
This includes information contained in our newsletter, other publications and our website.
This help and advice is accepted at your own risk and imposes no responsibility or liability of any kind on those providing the help or advice, the newsletter or website editors of SeniorNet (Pakuranga) Inc.


Committee 2020/21
ChairmanBrian Eriksonbrian@senpak.nz(09) 534-4798
Technical maintenance,
Webmaster, Tutor.
Secretary, Newsletter EditorDawn Howarthdawn@senpak.nz(09) 576-6798

TreasurerMervyn Cowardmervyn@senpak.nz(09) 576-8737
Systems ManagerGraeme FitzGeraldgraeme@senpak.nz(09) 272-9271Tutor
Membership SecretaryRobyn Carterrobyn@senpak.nz(09) 534-4525
Meet and Greet
Publicity OfficerWarren Taylorwarren@senpak.nz(09) 534-3482
Guest Speaker Co-ordinatorMaggie Burrillmaggie@senpak.nz(09) 533 5440

Assistant Guest Speaker Co-OrdinatorFay Mullinsfay@senpak.nz(021) 527 762
Course Co-ordinatorMike Empsonmike@senpak.nz(09) 535 8506