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SeniorNet is a community learning network that supports and motivates mature people to enjoy and use technology in their everyday lives, join in the fun and learn how to do everything from understanding how to use your computer, working with basic documents, searching the internet, working with photographs, researching your ancestry, maintaining your computer plus much more. All courses are held in our Learning Centre, 12 Ben Lomond Crescent, Pakuranga. They are run in 2 hour sessions and some will consist of just the one 2 hour session while others will have several sessions and usually have a maximum of 8 students. In small, friendly and stress-free classes, you will gain the skills and confidence you need to get the most out of Information Technology. When considering and choosing courses it is important to think about what interests you and what you hope to achieve. Help is available from our experienced team if you are unsure how to proceed. To participate in the courses you must be a member of SeniorNet Pakuranga at an annual fee of $30 per member.  An additional fee of $5.00 per course day is then payable for each course. Course materials are included in the cost either in booklet form, or electronic format. All members are asked to wear their membership badge to all functions as a courtesy to others. At our learning centre, retired volunteers from all walks of life provide a wide range of courses across a range of computer platforms, so there will be a course available to you which will assist you in obtaining full benefit from your device. We also provide Help days 3 or 4 times each month for our members having computer problems or queries. We look forward to seeing you.

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Start DateTimeCourseDate Sorter
12 Nov (Tue)1:00 PMHelp Session (No Booking Reqd.)191112PM
14 Nov (Thu)1:00 PMTips & Tricks Popup191114PM
15 Nov (Fri)2:00 PMCommittee Meeting191115PM
18 Nov (Mon)10:00 AMHelp Session (No Booking Reqd.)191118AM
19 Nov (Tue)1:00 PMGenealogy Research Group191119PM
21 Nov (Thu)1:00 PMWindows 10 (Part 1 of 2)191121PM
25 Nov (Mon)2:00 PMGoogle Mail191125PM
26 Nov (Tue)2:00 PMTaking the Plunge (Part 1 of 3)191126PM
27 Nov (Wed)1:00 PMApple iPads & iPhones191127PM
28 Nov (Thu)10:00 AMHelp Session (No Booking Reqd.)191128AM
28 Nov (Thu)1:00 PMWindows 10 (Part 2 of 2)191128PM
03 Dec (Tue)10:00 AMHelp Session (No Booking Reqd.)191203AM
03 Dec (Tue)2:00 PMTaking the Plunge (Part 2 of 3)191203PM
04 Dec
10:00 AMFacebook191204AM
06 Dec (Fri)10:00 AMMonthly Meeting191206AM
09 Dec (Mon)2:00 PMSmart Phones/Tablets (Beginners)191209PM
10 Dec (Tue)2:00 PMTaking the Plunge (Part 3 of 3)191210PM
13 Dec (Fri)2:00 PMGoogle Sheets (Spreadsheets)191213PM
17 Dec (Tue)10:00 AMHelp Session (No Booking Reqd.)191217AM

Below - course details - content and booking information. Fees help cover overheads and course notes. Click on the headings below to expand into the range of courses that interest you.
All Course bookings require confirmation by your tutor. Confirmation is NOT required to attend Help Sessions.

Taking the Plunge
3 Sessions of 2 hrs Course Fee $15
This course should be taken by all beginners, even if you used a computer in a work environment. This is Step 1 in getting to know and use a computer, with confidence. Know your way around a computer; point and click with a mouse; find, open and close programs and much more. How some settings are changed to suit your requirements. Look at anti-virus and anti-malware requirements (including explanation of some of the words used in ‘Computer Speak’).
Tutor: Brian Erikson -
CD/DVD Burning & Flash Drives
1 session of 2 hrs Course fee $5.00
Come along and learn how to save your videos and files to a CD or DVD using a free download of Ashampoo software. Ashampoo also enables music CD “ripping” from you CD collection and format conversion to MP3 for that type of music player. If you have downloaded MP3 type files Ashampoo enables the creation of music CD’s both from MP3 and ripped CD’s sources. This course also covers the use Flash Drives as storage devices.
Tutor: Brian Erikson -
Genealogy - Getting Started
2 Sessions of 2 hrs Course Fee $10
Getting started using the award-winning software, RootsMagic. This course focuses on getting you set up so that you can start to record your family history for your family and future generations. If you have a laptop computer with Wi-Fi capability, please bring it with you. Don't worry if you haven't got one, we will lend you a memory stick so you can transfer your genealogy information to your home computer at the end of the course.
Tutor: Graeme FitzGerald -
Genealogy Research Group
1 Session of 2 hrs Course Fee $5
Come along and do your genealogy research in your Learning Centre where you can get free access to and many other useful websites on the internet. Learn and share your knowledge with other members.
Tutor: Graeme FitzGerald -
Google Mail
1 Session of 2hrs Course Fees $5
Here we explore Google’s Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Drive. Gmail makes email easy. With 2000 megabytes of free storage, you never need to throw messages away. Unclutter your Inbox using labels. Search for what you want. You'll not only find the message you have in mind, but all the other messages that are part of the same conversation. Save your contact profiles and download attachments or save to Google Drive.
Tutor: Brian Erikson -
Google Sheets Spreadsheets) Workshop
1 Session of 2hrs Course Fees $5
This workshop is for beginners to spreadsheets who want to record data in a chart format.Google sheets is a Web-based application that allows users to create, update and modify spread sheets and share the data live online. Sheets use typical spreadsheet features such as ability to add and delete rows and columns. Your sheets are automatically saved to Google Drive and can be uploaded and downloaded in various formats with your computer.
Tutor: Brian Erikson -
Help Session
1 Session of 2hrs
Need help? Bring your problems to a help session where one of your fellow SeniorNet members will help you. (NO BOOKING REQUIRED) A gold coin donation is appreciated. Co-Ordinator: Michael Empson -
Windows 10
2 Sessions of 2 hrs Course Fee $10
An introduction to Windows 10. Learn about the new features in this new operating system. You will learn to arrange your new desktop, moving the Icons and adding / removing Icons on the desktop. Arrange / rearrange the new Start menu, look at privacy settings to limit your exposure to reporting and advertising. Also included is Windows file Management System and how to navigate, create folders and move these folders.
Tutor: Dick Harris -
Word - Exploring Office Word
4 Sessions of 2 hrs Course Fee $20
This course explores Microsoft Office Word application, a word processing application to type text and illustrate documents such as letters , articles. You will be shown how to add text boxes, columns, tables, shapes, pictures, using Auto Text, Clip Art and Word Art, headers and footers.
Tutor: Maureen Keys -
Windows 10 Photos
1 Session of 2hrs Course Fees $5
This course shows you how to use the tools built in to Windows 10. Organise and browse your photos, enhance your photos and create a slide show. A full set of notes will be available.
Tutor: Graeme FitzGerald -
2 Session of 2hrs Course Fees $10
Transferring images from the camera to the computer. Editing, adding text, emailing and making a slide show, Backup and Printing.
Tutor: Brian Erikson -
Smartphones/Tablets (Beginners)
1 Session of 2 hrs Course Fee $5
Bring your Android Smartphone and tablets to this workshop. The course covers a vast range of devices from many manufacturers that use versions of the Android operating system. We have prepared notes for you and these are more extensive than can be covered in the 2 hours.
Tutor: Brian Erikson -
Smartphones/Tablets (Advanced)
1 Session of 2 hrs Course Fee $5
Bring your Android Smartphone and tablets to this workshop. The course covers more Advanced features for a range of devices from many manufacturers that use versions of the Android operating system. We have prepared notes for you and these are more extensive than can be covered in the 2 hours.
Tutor: Brian Erikson -
Apple iPads
1 Session of 2 hrs Course Fee $5
Bring your own iPad or iPhone and learn what it can do. Find out how to do what you want at your speed. The iPad and iPhone is a capable tool for those who are in a hurry or looking for some downtime. Use the amazing camera, play your music, read books, use the diary, email - the list goes on and on. Be sure to bring your iPad or iPhone along to this class.
Tutor: Dick Harris -
Facebook, an Introduction
1 Session of 2 hrs Course Fee $5
Facebook - The social networking website for posting comments, sharing photographs, links to news or other content on the internet, chat live, watch short-form video.
Tutor: Diane McGregor -
Smart TV
1 Session of 2hrs Course Fees $5
This Popup will cover what today's technology is capable of, from what a Smart TV is, the basics of where you start, what you need, how to use it, what you can watch, what apps to use to some of the hardware you can connect to the TV. No Smart TV? This Workshop will also give you an understanding of what your options are when you connect a Laptop, Chromecast or Apple to your existing TV.
Tutor: Dick Harris -
Tips and Tricks
1 Session of 2hrs Course Fees $5
This Popup will include some of those things that we all know, but need reminding about along with some of those that we do not know and wonder why we never thought of them. Copying Text and changing Fonts and Font sizes, open a Second/Third Instance of an application and snap it to the window. Adjust the Start Menu, The Hidden Start Menu, Create Borders and Dividers, The Curse of the Missing Ribbon, Install New Fonts, Fixing the mess made when you insert a picture and much more.
Tutor: Dick Harris -