Speakers Notes - monthly meetings

A discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of retirement villages.

A slide presentation along with notes taken by our Newsletter Editor. June 2017 Meeting
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Notes on Presentation

Brian contributes as a tutor and is able to share his knowledge on many subjects.

Hard Drive Failure and Recovery and the importance of Backups

This will give you a basic understanding of Cloud Storage for your data.  Feb, 2016

Microsoft File History APP or Setting in pdf format.

Cryto-locker - a real dangerous and menacing trojan horse - learn how to avoid it.

Smart phones. An explanation as to what they are and can do.

Family history topics.

Genealogy key internet sites.

Emails.  A comprehensive view of the various email clients.  March 2014.

Itunes.  Make the most of this product, music and more!  April, 2014

Travelling.  Keeping copies of your travel documents, including passports, money and contact data electronically.  Nov 2014

Intel Stick.  A Windows 10 "stick" that can enable your old TV for example to be changed to a smart one.  Aug, 2016

An informative presentation about the digital offerings of the Auckland Library services.
Sep, 2016

His web site gives contact details.

Anti Virus & Callout issues.This presentation covered Anti Virus Purchases, common reasons for Callouts and Rein's experiences with Airbnb. June 2018.

Internet and WiFi issues. Includes ADSL, VDSL and Fibre connections, also the placement of the router in your home and basic checks required.  Mar, 2017

A discussion about passwords and the pitfalls together with recommendations.

All about Malware, virus protection and what you can do.